Pros Of a 4 Seasons RV

If you love to get adventurous with your camping trips, why should you limit yourself to doing it only a few months out of the year? From extreme summer heat to blowing snow and freezing temperatures, no destination should be off limits for camping fun! A four-seasons RV is exactly what you need if you want to enjoy the RVing lifestyle, no matter what Mother Nature decides to do. Here are some pros to consider when deciding whether a four-seasons RV is right for you.

Perfect Camping For Snow Lovers

While many people dread the onset of the snow and cold of winter, some can’t wait for that first snowfall! If you’re one of those people, having a four-seasons RV is exactly what you need.

Thanks to high-rated insulation and furnaces, you can camp in a snowdrift and still stay comfortable. Even if you aren’t full-timing it in the winter months, it’s nice to still have the option to hitch up the RV and set up camp at a year-round campground when you’re looking to take a snowmobiling trip, wanting to hit the slopes, or if you’re looking to start a yearly sledding and camping trip tradition!

Avoid the Snowbird Crowd

Snow birding can be enjoyable for those who want to avoid the cold and snow during the winter months, but flocking down to the warmer southern states can be a huge undertaking! You’ll have the struggle of securing a site for the season, packing up your whole life in an RV, and driving days through traffic to get set up in your new location.

A pro of a four-seasons RV is that you don’t have to brave the traffic to enjoy a nice winter getaway! If you love the snow but don’t want to abandon the RVing lifestyle, you can still head out and enjoy RVing in the snow!

Enjoy Lower Campground Rates, No Crowds

Unlike in southern areas, site rates for year-round campgrounds tend to be much lower during the winter season, which is generally from October to April or early May in many parks. While there tend to be some full-timers that stick around, or winter sports enthusiasts setting up camp, you won’t have to worry about overcrowded campsites and noisy neighbors when you head out for winter camping.

Campgrounds aim to draw in more people during these off-season months by offering substantially lower rates. If you love the snow, want to avoid crowds, and enjoy saving money, you’ll want a four-seasons RV for a whole new adventure!

Appreciate the Beautiful Winter Wonderland

It’s easy to get out during the summer months and explore the wilderness around us, but it is admittedly much more difficult to do during the winter months, and frankly, many people would avoid venturing out without a good reason.

With a four-seasons RV, you can start pushing normal boundaries of travel, and can get out for a stay during the winter months to explore! Year-round state and national parks are amazing to visit in the winter, where you can view wildlife, explore impressive frozen water landmarks like waterfalls and streams, and just enjoy the views of snow-covered vistas!

Easy Access To Wintertime Activities

As previously mentioned, state and national parks are ideal for winter adventure lovers! Not only are many of these parks open to the public during the winter months, but the activities available can outnumber the summer activities! Many winter activities to look into include:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ice climbing
  • Ice fishing
  • Skijoring
  • Dogsledding
  • Ice skating

Whether you’re a seasoned wintertime sportsman or are just looking to try something new, a four-seasons RV guarantees that you’ll have a pleasant, clean, and warm place to return to when you need to thaw out after your outings!

Totally Versatile Travel

While the main draw of four-season RVs is their cold camping capabilities, many RVs that offer polar packages tend to be well equipped to withstand hot weather camping trips too. Ideal RVs offer high-BTU air conditioning, with at least one 15,000-BTU unit, but the best will either come equipped with a second A/C unit or at least have the prep to add one later. Great models for camping in extreme heat also come equipped with a ceiling fan or two to keep air moving. This way, you can head out in the middle of the desert and be chill as a cucumber!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an RV that can do it all in any season, you’ll also want to look for a model that also comes with a high-output furnace to keep you toasty in the snow. A unit definitely gets bonus points if it offers a fireplace for cozy nights by the fire that will make you feel right at home! With all of these features, you can easily transition from hot to cold and stay comfortable no matter what!

Ready to expand your camping horizons? Take your RV out in any weather, and keep these pros of a four-seasons RV in mind when making your next RV purchase! Here at TerryTown RV, our selection of year-round RVs is out of this world!

TerryTown RV has countless brands with powerful furnaces and A/C units, high-rated insulation, enclosed and heated holding tanks, and more! Stop by today to tour adventure-ready four-seasons RVs like the Jayco Eagle, the luxurious Keystone Alpine, the industry-leading Heartland Bighorn, and many others! Can’t come to shop our Grand Rapids store? Browse our selection online and we’ll deliver it right to you!

Choosing And Installing An RV Laundry Machine

When you have laundry capabilities right inside your RV, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you take off into the great outdoors. Not only do you get to escape the day in and day out of your busy life at home, but you can still enjoy the creature comforts you’re used to and not quite ready to give up, especially if you’re taking off on an extended getaway. While you can always head to the campground or nearby Laundromat with dirty clothes, quarters, and some good magazines in hand, nothing beats the 24/7 access to your own personal washer and dryer! But if your RV doesn’t already come equipped with a laundry unit or you find yourself needing to replace an existing one, there are some things you need to know before picking one out and installing it. Here are some tips on choosing and installing a laundry machine in your RV to help ensure you get one that fits your setup.

Know Your Space

It’s safe to say that 99% of RVs that have laundry hookups are designed to accommodate a stackable unit. Even the biggest RVs are short on living space compared to a stick-and-brick home, so adding a side-by-side unit just isn’t going to happen. When you head into the appliance aisle to check out your choices, don’t fall in love with a beautiful side-by-side Samsung pair that almost makes it fun to do laundry. Most RVs that have space for a washer/dryer unit have a designated “closet” area with hookups. When being used, they’re easy to access with the closet doors open. When not in use, you can close the doors and forget they’re even there. Now you see it, now you don’t!

Types of RV Laundry Units

You’ll find that there are two different types of RV laundry units: stackable washer/dryer units, and washer/dryer combos. Let’s look at the difference.

As the name would imply, the stackable washer/dryer units are stacked one on top of the other. They fit easily into a laundry closet and don’t take up too much room. The capacity of these units is surprisingly big with most being able to accommodate 12 lb. loads. Since these units are vented, they use air to dry your clothes, not water. This is a good option if you’re wanting to conserve water while RVing! You can also use both components at the same time. So when your washing machine load is done, toss that load in the dryer and then get another load going in the washer. This means less time doing laundry and more time enjoying your beautiful destination! However, there are a few downsides to a stackable unit. They don’t typically fit in smaller RVs, and they tend to use a lot of water during the washing cycle. So you’ll have to gauge if the combined water usage between the washer and dryer makes sense for your conservation efforts.

A washer/dryer combo is just that, a combination of both washer and dryer in one unit. This type is smaller in size and more efficient, with one drum doing all the work. Just put your clothes in the drum, set it, and go relax by the campfire or take a hike while the machine washes and dries the load! Many units will even switch from washing to drying without needing prompting from you, so that means no wet clothes sitting idle inside the drum while you’re away from the RV. These come in both vented and non-vented models. While a great choice for smaller RVs, these can take up to 3 hours to wash and dry one load, and they typically use about 13 amps and a lot of water. So while you’re getting a one-stop laundry shop, you’ll be using a lot of power and water in the process. Is the convenience worth it for you?

Vented vs. Non-Vented

If you’re considering a washer/dryer combo unit, you’ll have to choose between a vented and non-vented unit. A vented unit uses air in the room to dry the clothes and you’ll need to make a hole for an exhaust vent. Vented models help to conserve water during the drying process, and they dry clothes more quickly than a non-vented type. A non-vented model heats the air inside the drum to dry the clothes. They typically use a lot of water, so they’re not a favorite of RVers.

Installation Tips

While having a professional install your new laundry machine is probably a good idea, it’s definitely do-able to DIY it if you’re handy with tools and good at reading instructions. Each model will have different installation instructions, so refer to the product manual for specific install directions. Also take care when loading the unit into the RV, as it’s bound to be incredibly heavy and awkward to maneuver from the door to its designated spot in the RV.

If you purchase a vented unit, you’ll have to create an exhaust hole in the side of your RV  if it doesn’t already have one to allow air to escape from the unit to the outside world. Most laundry machine models will come with specific instructions that show you where to drill this hole. Just keep in mind, however, that putting a hole in your RV’s sidewall will void some warranties. Take that into consideration when choosing a unit!

You’ll also want to install a drain pan to protect your RV from any water leaks that might occur. A drain pan will also help hold the laundry unit in place while you go down the road. Find a place where water can drain through the bottom of your RV and out near the holding tanks. Secure the pan to the floor and you’re good to go.

As always, follow manufacturer instructions when installing something on your RV! And when in doubt, contact the service department here at TerryTown RV SuperStore and we’ll be able to offer helpful advice or do the work for you! Are you looking for a new RV that comes prepped for a laundry unit that can easily be installed upon ordering? We’ll do all the work and you can reap all the benefits! Check out the hundreds of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and park trailers in our inventory that make light work of laundry and offer other great residential comforts too, ensuring that you enjoy every minute of your outdoor adventure.

Enjoy Big Savings During the Red Tag Sale!

Ready to save some serious green on the RV of your dreams? We’ll have you seeing red first! You won’t want to miss TerryTown RV’s upcoming Red Tag Sale! Take advantage of seven whole days of enormous savings on Jayco RVs, one of the nation’s biggest brands on the market! Come visit our Grand Rapids store June 18th—24th to save big on a variety of RVs, and find out just how much we’re slashing our already low rock-bottom prices!

Whether you’re coming to browse or pulling the trigger to buy, we’re ready for you during our Red Tag Sale! We have RVs for everyone, from first-time buyers looking to keep it simple and families wanting to get in touch with nature, to retirees looking for the next big adventure. If you want it, we have it, and with the combination of Jayco’s quality craftsmanship and TerryTown RV’s insanely low prices, this is value at its finest!

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Eagle Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers

Looking for the perfect blend of luxury and value? The Jayco Eagle is a dream come true for glampers on a budget! Available in both travel trailer and fifth wheel models, Eagle RVs have spacious, residential interiors with homelike amenities such as name-brand Shaw carpeting, wood plank vinyl flooring, USB charging ports, a Simmons brand mattress, and a fantastic 48-inch LED HDTV! It even uses the Linc wireless remote system, which powers awnings, slideouts, lighting, and more with the push of a button! Setting up camp will make you feel right at home!

Jay Flight Travel Trailer

As the leading RV dealer in Michigan, we are proud to bring you the best RVs in the USA, including the Jay Flight line of travel trailers! The Jay Flight has been the #1 top-selling RV on the market for 11 years straight, so come down to explore and see why! In an array of layouts, from simple one-bedroom setups to fun bunkhouse models for larger families, these lightweight RVs are a dream to tow and make for a fun camping getaway anytime!

Jay Sport Pop-Up Campers

Whether you’re buying for the first time or prefer to camp without all the extra frills found in luxury RVs, the Jay Sport sure knows how to have fun! These pop-ups have slide-out bunks, which are covered with durable Jayco DuraTek vinyl tent material that repels water and is scratch resistant. Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy some relaxation, as most models come with living areas and kitchens for a nice touch of residential living for your wilderness getaways.

Seismic Toy Haulers

If your everyday campground life bores your rough-and-tumble family, set your sights higher with a Seismic toy hauler! These extreme RVs are a great blend of adventure and luxury, with elegant interior designs as well as spacious rear garages for heavy duty cargo hauling capabilities! Keep your big toys topped off with a fuel station, and return after a day on the trails to a nice home-cooked meal in the sophisticated kitchen! Some models even feature party decks for a truly wild experience!

Why Jayco?

Our Red Tag Sale is slashing the prices on our most spectacular Jayco RVs because they’re one of the best manufacturers out there! Top-of-the-line features and new technologies always keep campers ahead of the game and camping in style! You’d be crazy not to consider a Jayco under normal circumstances, but with the deep discounts offered during the Red Tag Sale, these are offers you just won’t be able to refuse!

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Camping in the Concrete Jungle: Where to Park Your RV in Urban Areas

So your summer camping plans this year include taking the kids to some big cities to see the sights and feel the pulse of a busy urban area. Great idea! Big cities like Chicago and New York are like a whole new world to kids from a small town, and these trips will be ones they’ll never forget! From the towering skyscrapers to the endless sea of honking taxis, everything in the city is larger than life. Unfortunately this also includes room rates. But never fear, you can pack up the RV and enjoy fun family vacation camping in the concrete jungle! Since you can’t just pull over anywhere and level your rig for the night, here’s some help in finding great places to park your RV in urban areas so you do it safely and lawfully.

City RV Parks—The Best of Both Worlds

Believe it or not, cities around the country have urban campgrounds that offer great proximity to mass transit like subways and metro stops so you can hop aboard and be in the heart of the city in just a few minutes. And when you’ve had your fill of crazy cab drivers and crowded sidewalks, you can hop back on and be back at your campsite in no time to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. Affordable and typically well equipped, city RV parks really offer the best of both worlds for camping families—city fun during the day and campfire relaxation at night. Check out these city RV parks:

Miami Everglades Resort

Located just 30 miles south of Miami, this lovely campground offers lush scenery and great amenities. This 34-acre campground is speckled with avocado, mango, and palm trees for a totally tropical experience, and it’s only 10 miles from the Everglades National Park and 30 miles from Key Largo! For big city fun, head north to Miami where you can tour the South Beach Art Deco District, build sandcastles and people watch on Miami Beach, hit up some museums, or get some retail therapy at the Bayside shopping areas. When you return to camp to decompress from the congestion of the city, you’ll enjoy the multitude of activities right at the campground: horseshoes, pickleball, basketball, shuffleboard, swimming pool, mini golf, volleyball, and so much more! To learn more about this camping paradise or to make reservations, click here!

Cherry Hill Park

Every family needs to visit Washington, D.C., at least once, and Cherry Hill Park is the perfect RV park to call home during your stay. While the majority of the museums in the District are free to tour, a stay at one of the area’s hotels could break the bank, especially during peak vacation times like summer. Welcome to Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD, your answer to overpriced hotels and city traffic. The RV park offers multiple transportation options and tours daily right from the campground into the district so you can come and go according to your family’s schedule. After a day of tiring museum visits and taking selfies by the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, the White House, and other famous landmarks, return home to your comfortable RV where you’ll have full hookups, bathhouses, laundry facilities, two swimming pools, a hot tub and sauna, and more. To learn more about this “monumental experience,” click here!

Campland on the Bay

A visit to beautiful San Diego has to include spending time on the famous beaches, and the Campland on the Bay campground ensures that you’ll get your fill of waves and water since it’s located right on the waterfront! Located on Mission Bay, this resort isn’t short on fun family activities, including beach volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, a skateboard park, a dog park, scavenger hunts, sandcastle building contests, fireworks from nearby Sea World, and so much more. And with San Diego just minutes away, you can get into the city by car or bike in just minutes.

Check Out Convention Center Parking Lots

Want to visit the Windy City without dealing with the headache of city traffic or overpaying for a Michigan Avenue hotel room? Consider parking your rig for the night at McCormick Place, the country’s premier convention center. Overnight RV parking is available for just $35/night in Lot B which is located at 31st St. near Lake Shore Drive and Moe Drive. The heart of Chicago is just minutes away and is easy to get to via taxi, city bus, or the “L”. Get your shopping on, visit the amazing museums, sample some of the country’s most delicious food, and take in the beautiful architecture of the city, all just a few miles from your cozy home away from home that’s waiting for you back at McCormick Place. The parking lots are patrolled regularly by McCormick Place Security and there is security staff available 24/7, so you should be able to enjoy peace of mind while camping in the big city!

Check out other convention centers in the cities you’re planning to visit to see if they offer similar overnight RV accommodations.

Try Your Luck With a Casino Parking Lot

Many big cities have casinos nearby, and they often allow overnight parking for free or for just a small fee. A couple websites to check out for casino RV parking are and These helpful websites let you narrow down your search by state and city and you can read user reviews to help you make a choice.

Don’t let the high prices of a big city deter you from planning a fun family getaway to see the sights this summer! Hitch up your RV from TerryTown RV SuperStore and stay in one of these convenient and affordable spots that’s just a stone’s throw from all the action. In the market for a new RV? Say no to the big-city prices of our competitors and enjoy the small-town prices of our Grand Rapids dealership! Can’t make it to Michigan to shop for an RV? No problem—we offer worldwide delivery that’s fast, reliable, and GPS-enabled from our store right to your door! It’s never been easier to hit the open road in affordable luxury! Come see us today or shop online!

Do RV Slides Need Support When Extended?

Here at TerryTown RV Superstore, we hear all sorts of questions about the best ways to set up RVs, which after-market products are suitable for specific models, and every question under the sun about maintenance. Let’s address the question that has probably passed through every customer’s head at least once: Do RV slides need support when extended?

For those of you looking for the simple answer:


Though the idea of having an unsupported area of flooring just hanging out past the supported chassis of your RV may seem unstable and may potentially cause damage, we assure you that’s not the case! Simply put, the RV industry has done an excellent job of creating slides that will hold the weight of you and those inside the RV without any problems.

Typically, RV slide outs are built to hold a great deal of weight since many come with sofas, chairs, dinettes, kitchen appliances, bunk beds, and other heavy features that weigh enough on their own. They certainly can withstand the weight of you and a few other people, or else RV manufacturers would not put couches or beds in slide outs! Chances are, you’d end up exceeding your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) before you were to overburden your slide outs.

Before you decide to stick it to the man and use slide stabilizers anyway, there are some things to consider.

RVs settle. The position in which your RV is set up initially may not be the position you will find it in in a day or two. Even if the rig is perfectly level, pavement can expand and stabilizer jacks can sink into the dirt a bit, resulting in a lower position than what your RV was originally set up in. If you aren’t keeping an eagle eye on slide out stabilizers, the sinking will cause the support to push up the slide rails, resulting in some disastrous and expensive damage.

RVs wiggle and bounce. Unless you can assure that you tiptoe and stay in the exact perfect center of balance in your RV, moving around your rig will cause bouncing and wiggling. It happens! If your slides are set up with a support, this movement can also cause the supports to shift and cause damage.

Tires lose air. This is especially true if you’re planning on setting up for an extended period of time. Tire pressure naturally fluctuates somewhat, and the added pressure and movement on the wheels can cause tires to lose a bit of air over time. Like the last points made, the loss of height can cause damage when the slide outs begin to lower onto the stabilizers.

Resulting damage can cause you to void warranties. For all those rebels out there, just consider that ignoring our warnings can cause you to lose your warranties. Going against manufacturers’ recommendations will result in voiding your RV’s manufacturer’s warranty. What’s more, if you choose to invest in TerryTown RV’s extended warranty programs, adding unnecessary slide supports may cause you to void that coverage as well. Even if you think you’re the most careful RVer out there, and haven’t had any trouble with slide supports in the past, things happen, and you won’t want to be left without warranty coverage as a result.

Although this cannot be said about every aspect of your RV, this is definitely one of those instances where we can confidently say that if RV slide outs truly needed supports while in the ‘out’ position, manufacturer’s would definitely include them. There’s just no way they could get around something like that, especially if it’s a maintenance and safety issue. If a company was selling RVs that had saggy slide outs that caused thousands of dollars in damage, do you really think they’d still be in business?

If you absolutely insist on using supports, make sure they are set up to only have enough pressure to keep the slide outs from bouncing, and no more than that. They should not sit completely supporting the weight of the slide out, just enough to support it in case of any sagging (which we confidently think won’t happen!). Be sure to check the position of the stabilizers often, and adjust them to ensure that damage isn’t happening. Easier yet, just don’t use slide out stabilizers!

As much as we would appreciate your business in our service department fixing up your bent slide outs, we care more about you avoiding damage altogether and having to spend the big bucks to fix something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place! We aren’t here to shame you and your choices—it’s your RV! Although we firmly believe that RV slides do not need support when extended, we’d be happy to fix up your RV in case of an accident! Hey, it happens!

If you’re looking to upgrade from an older model RV with less slide out support, come on down and browse our huge selection of new and used RVs for sale in Grand Rapids! TerryTown RV is your leading West Michigan RV dealer, and can get you a new top-of-the-line travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or park model trailer for the lowest price in the nation! And if something happens to your slides, our expert certified RV technicians will be more than happy to take a look!
What is your take on slide-out stabilizers? We’d like to hear your opinions and experiences with them! As always, check your manufacturer’s manual, or give us a call now to find out what the best course of action should be!

Different Types Of RV Packages, What They Include, and Which RVs Have Them

Summer RVing

Shopping for a new RV? There can be a lot of information to get lost in, especially when browsing feature lists to find all the perfect items to fit your needs! We have hundreds of RVs for sale in Grand Rapids here at TerryTown RV Superstore that you can browse through both in-store and online. We’re here to help you understand the different packages offered on many RV models to help you narrow down your search for the RV of your dreams! Let’s take a look at the different types of RV packages, what they include, and which RVs have them!

What Is a “Package”?

RV packages

Whether you’re browsing our online selection of Michigan RVs for sale and reading our detailed walk-through descriptions, or scanning a straightforward features list right off the manufacturer’s website, you may notice that certain sections have the name “package” tacked on the end of a list name. What exactly does that mean?

The unfortunate reality is that the term “package” can be slightly misleading in some cases, but this doesn’t mean you’re not getting a fantastic value! Many manufacturers denote a list of features as a package, such as an “entertainment package.” Upon comparing models, you’ll most likely find that many of these features come standard in almost all RVs. It’s important to do your homework to know what items are truly unique and superior, as RV manufacturers like to try to convey added value to fairly standard items to entice customers. If the package is listed under the “standards” column, double check to see if there is anything extraordinary about the package that will make it worth your while!

On the other hand, there are some packages out there that are a total step up from the ordinary and will take your rig to the next level with some awesome features! These can be anything from improved construction, residential features like furniture and electronics, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and much more! Just be sure to take an in-depth look at features lists, as some of the really impressive packages may only be offered as an option and will not come included in the base price. If you’re unsure, contact our TerryTown RV specialists to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want for the price you’re willing to pay!

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of packages offered on some of our RVs for sale in West Michigan, and some of the specific models we have in stock that offer these packages!

Weather Packages

RV packages for weather

If you’re looking to extend your RV travels past the end of the regular camping season, or plan on heading to some seriously warmer climates, you’ll definitely want an RV with a good weather package!

These types of packages typically offer higher-rated insulation than what is usually offered in RVs to help keep the cold at bay. Heated and enclosed holding tanks and underbellies are almost always included as well, with some that are ducted to help warm air aid in the heating process. You’ll also appreciate a higher-output furnace, usually around 40,000 to 45,000-BTU to keep you feeling toasty. Also, depending on the model, you may be able to choose an RV with a fireplace (or sometimes even two!) for added warmth and a cozier atmosphere!

On the other hand, some manufacturers, like Jayco, offer great standard cooling packages too. So whether you’re holed up in the middle of a blizzard in Minnesota or setting up camp in the middle of the Mojave Desert, these packages will have you covered!

Jayco—Eagle, Eagle HT, North Point, Pinnacle, Designer

Jayco takes great strides to offer exclusive packages to cater to the needs of campers! Although some of these features aren’t exactly unique, some are indeed better than what other manufacturers are offering, and are pretty up front with the packages they offer to ensure that you, the customer, know that you’ll be set to camp in any weather! The best part? They run standard on higher-end models so you can enjoy the utmost in luxury and comfort!

Climate Shield™ Zero-Degree-Tested Weather Protection

  • Protected PEX plumbing
  • High-BTU furnace
  • Fully enclosed and heated ducted underbelly
  • Double layer fiberglass insulation

Helix Cooling System™

  • Duct design exclusive to Jayco
  • A/C vents
  • Larger return air vents w/ user-accessible filters
  • Exterior 15,000-BTU “Whisper Quiet” A/C unit

Forest River Sandpiper—Polar Tech Package

  • Thermal pane windows
  • Heated holding tanks
  • R-38E roof and floor insulation
  • 40,000-BTU furnace
  • Double fiberglass insulation

Off-Road Packages

Off-road RV packages

If you’re not one to set up camp and chum around campgrounds, you’ll probably want an RV that can go where others can’t! If you’re into boondocking or like heading out to more secluded areas, an off-road package will help get you there! The most noticeable differences include tougher, larger all-terrain tires, as well as a chassis that sits higher off the ground so that things like uneven ground, rocks, and other obstacles won’t tear up your undercarriage! These packages are mostly offered on pop-up campers and smaller, lightweight travel trailers, which are easier to tow in tougher terrains.

Forest River Rockwood—Baja Package

  • 15-inch off-road mud tires
  • 5-inch ground clearance
  • double entry step

Forest River Rockwood—Extreme Sports Package

  • Optional racks on top of unit for kayaks, bikes, and any other larger items
  • Sleeker, tougher design
  • Mud rover radial tires on certain models
  • Storage decks on certain models

Dry Camping Packages


Similar to off-road packages, you can opt for an RV that features a dry camping package, which allows you to camp off the grid. These units will either come with a fairly powerful generator, solar prep, or both so you won’t have to depend on shore power to complete all your day-to-day activities. They will also come stocked with appliances and systems designed specifically for the output from solar power or generators so that you don’t waste power trying to do menial tasks. Availability on these packages can range from small travel trailers to large fifth wheels and toy haulers so you can pick just what you want for an off-the-grid adventure!

Coachmen Chaparral—Dry Camping Package

  • 12-volt components including:
  • LED interior lighting
  • Slide outs
  • Stereo

Entertainment Packages

Entertainment packages for RVs

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just like to stay entertained while away from home, an RV with a great entertainment package could be perfect for you! These are usually included standard on particular brands of RVs, but are definitely a step up from smaller, less impressive counterparts! You’ll usually find these packages in upscale fifth wheels, in some park model trailers, and occasionally in higher-end travel trailers. Sometimes packages will even include upgraded furniture, like power theater sofas and more to make you feel like you’re actually at the movies!

Keystone Alpine—Cinema Package

  • 50-inch LED TV
  • Name brand sound system
  • Outside speakers
  • Digital TV antenna with a built-in booster
  • Dual cable and satellite hookups

Luxury Packages

Luxury packages for RVs

If you like to incorporate a touch of elegance into everything you do, look for an RV with a luxury package! You’ll usually find these packages nestled in with the standard features, but a luxury package list gives you a totally clear picture about what sets this RV apart! You won’t have to sift through the entire list just to see what is different and more appealing about the RV you’re looking at, making it super easy to compare between other RVs. You’ll find luxury packages on high-end travel trailers, fifth wheels, park trailers, and toy haulers for sale here at TerryTown RV!

Forest River RiverStone—Extended Stay Luxury Package

  • Bedroom fireplace
  • Stackable washer/dryer
  • Stainless dishwasher
  • 12-volt heated holding tanks
  • 110-volt refrigerator

Other Packages

Packages can vary greatly between different models. Many will have a section in their features list with a model-specific package, like the Cedar Creek Champagne Package, for example. These are usually a blend of everyday features combined with great upscale features that are meant to impress!

Again, don’t be fooled by something that calls itself a “package”, as the features may not be all that different from standard RVs! For example, a graphics package indicates that your RV will come standard with graphics, just like almost every single RV on the market does. An upholstery or fabrics package just shows you the different colors that are available, but sometimes can offer an upgrade of a more premium fabric. Really, if a list says “package,” just be sure to take a closer look to see if there is really anything out of the ordinary you can’t live without!

Hopefully this has cleared up what the different types of RV packages are, what they include, and which RVs have them! We just want you to be confident that you’re choosing an RV with all the right features that you’ll enjoy traveling with! We know that searching for the perfect RV can be overwhelming as there are seemingly endless options, but if you discover that you just can’t seem to find the right one, use our handy custom build tool! You’ll be able to choose all the right features to build a one-of-a-kind RV with all the right packages and features for you! Choose the #1 RV dealer in Michigan, TerryTown RV, and get started today!

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Installing a Backup Camera On Your RV

Backing into tight campsites, and sometimes simply maneuvering an RV, can be quite a hassle. I remember many camping trips, standing around nervously as my short-tempered grandfather tried to back in the Jayco Eagle fifth wheel while my grandma tried to guide him as best she could. It always took several attempts, and the tensions always ran high, which is probably the worst way to start a camping getaway! This was in the early 2000s, and luckily we have come a long way with our RV technology. Installing a backup camera will make it easy to see what’s going on behind you, hitching up, backing up, and even driving with your RV! These handy tips for installing a backup camera on your RV will make it easier than ever to maneuver your rig!

If you decide to simplify your RV travel experience with a backup camera, you’ll have to decide which type of camera you’d like to install. Backup cameras come in two main types—wireless and wired cameras. Your decision will probably depend on your confidence in your DIY and electrical skills!

Wired Backup Cameras

You guessed it: A wired backup camera uses wires to connect the camera unit to the monitor inside your tow vehicle! This involves a little handy work, as it requires running a cable either along your RV’s roof rafters or under the RV! Some consider a clear picture and the fact that this type of backup camera doesn’t need its own power source make it a worthwhile investment, but that’s a decision that’s up to you!

Wireless Backup Cameras

Unlike wired backup cameras, wireless cameras rely on an antenna-receiver system to transmit video feed to your backup monitor. They can come in either analog or digital signals, with analog being the less expensive option. Despite its lower price, analog backup cameras also have a less stable and easily-interruptible signal. Digital backup cameras will have a clearer picture quality and won’t have as much signal interference, but they also cost more than analog cameras. Wireless cameras are also relatively easier to install, but you’ll need just a little electrical know-how to get your camera connected!

If you’ve chosen a wired backup camera, you’ll want to dedicate a considerable amount of time to insure proper installation—around a few hours! It’ll require some drilling and possibly some removing of interior paneling, so keep that in mind!

What You’ll Need:

  • Drill with a 3/4” bit
  • Silicone sealant
  • Split loom tubing (if running cord under the RV)
  • Wired backup camera kit


  1. Decide where you want to place your camera, and determine where you’ll want to run the cable, either along the roof or under the RV. Make sure to avoid heat sources or areas that could pinch the cord.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the spot where the camera’s bracket will go.
  3. Drill a sizable hole where the cable will enter the wall, and use the 3/4” bit to pre-drill the holes you marked with the pencil. Make sure not to split the fiberglass while drilling!
  4. Attach the mount bracket using screws, and use the sealant to further secure it to the RV’s walls.
  5. Snake the cable into the larger hole, running it up or down your RV and across to the front of the unit. Drill additional holes and remove panels, seats, or anything else that may be in the way.
  6. Bring the cable to the front of the RV, securing it to the frame every few feet if you’re running the wire under the rig.
  7. If you’re in a motorhome, find a hole or drill one yourself to bring the cord into the cockpit to attach to the monitor. If in a towed vehicle, make sure that you’ll have enough length for the cord to reach the cab of the truck. Wind any leftover cord around a tongue jack or secure it so that extra cord will not drag on the ground, but will not be too tight and cause damage during turning.
  8. Mount the monitor in your cab, bring the cables into the cab through your preferred method, and connect the cables to the monitor.
  9. Seal the large rear opening to prevent moisture from coming in, and you’re done! Most kits come with a grommet you can secure around the cord to protect the opening.
Although installing a wireless backup camera is considerably easier than installing a wired one, you’ll still want to plan ahead and make sure of a few things before you start!

What You’ll Need:

  • Drill w/ drill bits
  • Silicone sealant
  • Wireless backup camera kit


  1. Choose your camera’s location. Many backup cameras are positioned just below the top middle clearance light.
  2. Remove the clearance light, along with the bracket that holds it in place, and disconnect the light to reveal the wires.
  3. Use a pencil to mark where you want the bracket to go, and use a 3/4” drill bit to pre-drill holes.
  4. Drill a hole in the top molding below the clearance light so the cord can access the space behind the light.
  5. Use silicone sealant to attach the bracket to the sidewall, then screw in the screws into the drilled holes.
  6. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for attaching the camera to the bracket.
  7. Feed the cord through the drilled hole and bring it up through the opening for the clearance light.
  8. If the camera kit comes with a grommet, install it in the cord’s drilled hole.
  9. Connect the cameras wires to the wires coming from the RV. If you’re unsure about which wire is positive and which one is negative, test the wires first before joining them. Be sure to reattach the clearance light’s cables too.
  10. Once the cords are successfully joined, replace the clearance light bracket and cover. Make sure that the camera’s antenna is in the upright position for optimal reception.
  11. Find a convenient location for the camera’s monitor in the cab of your tow vehicle. Mount it any way you wish, connect it to your car’s power source, and enjoy easy backing up!
  • ***Adding a backup camera by drilling into your RV’s sidewalls may void your RV’s warranties! Give us a call here at TerryTown RV before you begin so we can help you determine whether this will void any warranties or not.
  • Always make sure to check your RV’s walls before drilling to avoid hitting any existing wires or studs.
  • Keep your RV and tow vehicle’s total length in mind when choosing a wireless backup camera. Some cameras have a short range, so you’ll want to ensure the signal will be strong enough.
  • Before you start any installation, test your camera and monitor to ensure that they are working correctly. It’ll be a huge pain to go back and uninstall items to fix or replace them!
  • Many newer model RVs, including many new RVs for sale in Grand Rapids here at TerryTown RV, already come with rear backup prep, so all you have to do is purchase a unit and connect it to the wiring.
  • When shopping for a backup camera, consider whether you’d like to add sideview cameras as well. These are helpful for easy maneuvering while backing up, but also in travel when changing lanes on the road. Many cameras feature extra connections for additional cameras, so if you’d like to add sideview cameras, be sure to purchase a system with these connections.

If you think that installing a backup camera on your RV will make life incredibly easier, follow these tips and you’ll enjoy incredible convenience! I wish my grandpa was still here to enjoy easier maneuvering with this simple and extremely useful RV technology!

Shop our large inventory of new RVs for sale in Michigan to find your perfect travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler with handy backup camera capabilities that will make your RV trips totally hassle-free! Stop by or browse online, and leave us a comment to let us know how much simpler a backup camera has made your camping experiences!

Climb Higher! Tips and Tricks For Climbing Trees

Climbing trees

Attention all climbers! Climbing trees isn’t just for adventurous children! You can satisfy that need to climb right in the forest. These tips and tricks for climbing trees will ensure that you can safely climb higher to that top branch and enjoy the view around you! This is a great activity when you can’t make it on a bigger climbing trip but still want to practice your skills. Here’s all you need to know about this fun hobby!

Climbing Essentials

Throw line—thin, brightly colored rope connected to a weight (sand bag, etc.) that is thrown to loop over an upper branch

Climbing line—connects to the throw line and uses static ropes, unlike the more stretchy dynamic ropes used in rock climbing

Harness—Use a harness with wide webbing and considerable padding. Avoid traditional lightweight rock climbing harnesses, as they’ll cut circulation in the legs.

Helmet—use a rock climbing helmet, as safety always comes first

Prusik cord—attached to climbing rope and harness with a carabiner clip

Branch protector—tubular cover for rope to protect tree from rope burn

tree climbing essentials

Picking a Tree To Climb

Because trees are a whole lot less stable than a cliff, you’ll want to be sure to scout out a sturdy, healthy tree for your climbing adventure! Of course you’ll want to go for some height or else you’ll be going through a lot of setup for a really short trip. But aside from height, there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect climbing tree.

Look For Sturdy Branches

Solid, sturdy branches are essential for a successful climb! You’ll especially want to look for a solid branch higher up that can support your weight. You’ll want a branch that’s at least six inches in diameter—but the bigger, the better! Make sure to check out the other branches as well, in case you should need them for support along the way.

Sturdy tree branches

Make Sure It’s a Healthy Tree

Take a good look at your prospective tree, both up close and further away. Does its overall appearance look healthy? Inspect it more closely, and look for any missing bark, as this could indicate weakness in the tree or decay. Also look up to the leaves above. Are they healthy, or are they brown and falling off? Brown leaves toward the top of a tree indicate that the tree is diseased or dying and the tree should not be used for climbing.

healthy tree good for climbing

Avoid Trees With Surrounding Hazards

Although this may be somewhat obvious, you’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any hazards surrounding your potential climbing tree. Obviously, you’ll want to steer clear of trees near power lines, but you’ll also want to skip trees that have people hanging around it too. Also make sure to avoid trees where any animals or animal habitats are present, as you won’t want to disturb them or put yourself in any peril. A less obvious hazard can be a tree with a lot of knots or a large root system at the bottom. Small animals, poison ivy, hornet nests, or plain old root decay can cause a lot of problems for you and your friends on the ground!

Avoid disturbing the wildlife when climbing trees

Choose an Area Where Climbing Is Allowed

Unfortunately, many parks prohibit tree climbing, but it never hurts to ask if it’s ok! As long as you aren’t damaging the tree you’re climbing on, there is nothing environmentally wrong with tree climbing. Just be respectful of the rules, and find somewhere else to climb if you are turned away. A little adventure isn’t worth legal trouble!

where can I legally climb trees?

How To Climb a Tree

  • Toss the throw line over the high branch you’d like to climb to. Make sure the branch is sturdy!
  • Place branch protector onto the climbing rope, then attach the end of your throw line to your climbing rope using a clove knot method. Once the lines are attached, pull your throw line so that both ends of the climbing rope are back on the ground, looped over the branch with the branch protector securely over the top.
  • Designate about an arm’s length and a half of one end of your climbing rope. At this part of the rope, attach it to a heavy carabiner using an anchor knot or double fisherman’s knot. Tie a simple overhand knot about one foot from the carabiner, then with the remaining length tie a Blake’s hitch around the other portion of the climbing rope (you’re essentially tying your climbing rope in a big loop around the branch), leaving a foot or two of rope. Tie another overhand knot at the end of the rope for added safety.*
  • If you aren’t too confident in your upper body strength, attach a length of cord using the Prusik knot to the climbing rope as a foot assist to help anchor you. Do this instead of using climbing spikes, as they’ll permanently damage the tree!
  • Use the tree to help you climb up with any knots or jutting edges for footholds. Take your time and stay steady! Keep climbing until you reach the branch that your rope loops over.
  • To descend, hold on to the Blake’s hitch and gently pull down, making sure not to go too quickly. Slow is safe!

How to properly climb large trees

What do you think? Are you ready for your first climb? Just follow these tips and tricks for climbing trees and you’ll be able to see the world from a whole new perspective and climb higher than you ever did when you were a kid!

We love that you have an adventurous side, that’s why we here at TerryTown RV offer a fantastic selection of awesome RVs that will be able to keep up you with on any excursion! From versatile pop-ups that can be towed virtually anywhere, to fully-loaded toy haulers with more than enough space for your adventure gear, we have it all! Complete with our staggering factory-direct pricing, it’s no wonder we’re the best RV dealership in Michigan!

Are you an experienced tree climber, or have you done other types of climbing? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below with any other advice, including your favorite spots to go tree climbing!

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TerryTown RV Superstore Blowout Sale

Our RV dealership in Grand Rapids, MI is completely overstocked, so we’re slashing prices to get the inventory moving to make way for incoming 2018 models! Take advantage of this amazing sale to save even more on our already low-priced RVs! You’ll find that TerryTown RV Superstore not only has jaw-dropping prices, but we make the whole purchasing experience great as well. So come check out all the rigs we have to offer during the RV Overstock Blowout Sale, and find out for yourself what makes shopping with TerryTown a better experience than with any other RV dealer in Michigan!

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Bighorn 3875FB

Bighorn 3875FB at TerryTown RV Superstore Blowout Sale

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  • 6 point auto leveling system
  • Power theater seating in the living room with massage and heat
  • 46” LED TV and fireplace in the entertainment center
  • Hide-a-bed sofa for added sleeping space
  • Elegant and durable solid surface countertops
  • Massive king bed with a memory foam mattress
  • 32” TV in the bedroom

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Rockwood Ultra Lite 2720WS

Rockwood Ultra Lite 2720WS at TerryTown RV Superstore Blowout Sale

Another fifth wheel we have in stock has a price just as amazing as its beautifully designed interior! This 2016 Rockwood Ultra Lite 2720WS is jam packed with features as well as some extra upgrades too. The rear of the unit holds the relaxing living area, while the well-equipped kitchen is found in the center. Your private master suite is located on an upper level away from the rest of the RV for added privacy. Within this layout, you’ll to find:

  • Upgraded 15K BTU air conditioner
  • Comfortable swivel recliners
  • Plush carpet in master bedroom
  • Hide-a-bed sofa
  • 32” living room TV
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Queen bed with a Serta® mattress

To make this incredible RV yours, call Zack Loew at 616.319.3442.

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White Hawk Ultra Lite 32DSBH

White Hawk Ultra Lite 32DSBH at TerryTown RV Superstore Blowout Sale

If spending time with your family is your idea of relaxing, this 2016 White Hawk Ultra Lite 32DSBH travel trailer is perfect for you! With sleeping space for up to ten people, it can hold the whole family and then some. The kids will love the rear bunkhouse, which is spacious thanks to a large slide that gives them plenty of room to move around and play. A full bath is just outside the bunkhouse, which makes it much easier for kids to make bathroom trips in the middle of the night. A slide in the center creates added space in the living room and kitchen, and mom and dad will love having their own private master bedroom up front. Features you can expect to find in this 32DSBH include:

  • Outdoor kitchen and bumper mount grill
  • Power stabilizer and tongue jacks
  • Upgraded 15K BTU A/C
  • Glacier package
  • Entrances into main area and full bath
  • Hide-a-bed sofa and convertible dinette
  • Triple bunks and J-cube sofa in bunkhouse
  • Both bathtub and shower
  • Queen bed with Simmons® mattress

Start your family’s adventure today by calling Frank Henderson before someone else scoops up this amazing offer!

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The TerryTown RV Difference

TerryTown RV Superstore - what makes us different

Choosing TerryTown RV Superstore doesn’t only get you an amazing price; you’ll appreciate a pleasurable experience from start to finish! We work hard to make sure that your camping trips are the best they can be, and want to know that you’re in the right RV for you. When you buy from TerryTown, you can expect:

  • World Class Customer Service

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    • Find out what your current RV is worth online before you shop
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