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April Fool's! Gut-Busting Pranks Perfect for the Campground

April Fool’s Day is a day that pranksters look forward to every year! They plan out the silliest and most clever pranks to play on their unsuspecting friends and family. While "they" get a kick out of it, their victims may or may not be a fan of their mischievousness.

If you’re going to be enjoying the great outdoors this April Fool’s Day, there’s no reason you can’t become the funny prankster and bring some silly shenanigans to the campground this year. Check out these gut-busting pranks that are perfect for the campground that will have everyone saying, “Oh, shucks!” when they realize they’ve been pranked.


When heading out on a hike, fill your friend’s backpack with rocks to weigh it down. Either before you head out on a hike or when he’s taken off his backpack and walked away from it, simply remove what’s already in the backpack, put some rocks in the bottom, and replace the original contents. Your friend won’t notice at first, but after a while he’ll start to wonder why in the world his backpack is so heavy, and his back is so sore! When he opens it up and sees rocks piled in the bottom, it’ll be obvious you played a prank on him! This one is probably more of a backbreaking prank than a gut-busting one.


Offer to make the campfire so you can pull off this explosive prank. Hide some small fireworks or sparklers underneath the firewood before you light the fire. Then, as everyone is gathered around and the fire is burning down, the firecrackers will light and explode, sending everyone running for their lives. Never use big or illegal fireworks though, as that could cross the line from funny to dangerous!


If you or your friends are tent camping, all you need is a little paper clip for this harmless prank. Once they’ve fallen asleep, anchor the zipper with the paper clip so they can’t unzip their tent. When they wake in the morning, let them struggle for a few minutes with the zipper before coming to their rescue and freeing them.


This is a great prank for either friends or noisy campground neighbors. After everyone has gone into their tent or RV for the night, sneak out and sprinkle birdseed or bread crumbs around the door to their tent or RV. In the early hours of the morning, they’ll wake to the sound of birds excitedly flapping around their door!


Snakes and spiders are everywhere in the great outdoors, and with this prank, they’re right at your campsite too! To freak everyone out, tie some invisible fishing line to a rubber snake, lizard, or large spider (furry tarantula works best!). Then hide it in some nearby leaves or in a bush. Make sure you know where the end of the fishing line is so you can grab it later. When you’re all gathered around the campfire or picnic table, take hold of the end of the fishing line and slowly pull on it without anyone seeing so that it slinks out of hiding and into plain sight! Everyone who sees it will jump in fear!


We all know that bears, coyotes, wolves, and other scary animals lurk in the great outdoors, but hopefully not too close to your campsite! This prank brings them dangerously close—but don’t worry, nobody’s in harm's way. Using a tape recorder or an animal sound app on your smartphone, try to scare everyone at night with the eerie sounds of coyotes howling or bears growling. Hide your tape recorder or smartphone around the perimeter of your campsite so that it sounds like the noises are coming from nearby bushes. Watch as everyone freezes in fright or runs for the safety of the RV.

Or take this prank up a notch by pretending to have a run-in with bear just outside of your RV! This only works when everyone is hanging out inside your RV (or tent). Place the tape recorder or phone just outside your RV (preferably where there aren’t any windows) so that it sounds like a bear is rustling around the campsite. Go inside the RV and act naturally until the bear noises start. Tell everyone that you’re going to go outside to investigate and scare the animal away. Storm bravely outside the RV, closing the door on your way out, and then pretend to get in a fight with the bear. When everyone rushes out to save you, they’ll be relieved to see that you’re just pretending!


Animals leave evidence of their presence everywhere in nature, especially by leaving scat (poop) behind. For this prank, you’re going to make everyone think you’ve gone nuts by picking up and even tasting bear poop! To do this, make fake animal poop using the following ingredients:

  • 1 ½ C. powdered sugar

  • 1/3 C. chunky peanut butter

  • 1/3 C. cocoa powder

  • 1 Tbsp. milk

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and form to resemble bear poop. If you make these at home, refrigerator them until you use them. When ready, set a few pieces near your campsite and point them out to everyone in amazement and/or fear. Then bend down to examine them and pick a piece up. While this will elicit shrieks from your fellow campers, the next step will send them running away with their hands over their mouths. With everyone looking on, take a little bite to “test” it to make sure it’s really bear scat. When they see that you’re rolling on the ground in laughter and not throwing up, they’ll figure out they’ve been pranked!


To scare the PJ pants off of your camping buddy, put pinecones in the bottom of his sleeping bag before he goes to bed at night. When he crawls in and stretches out for a good night of sleep and feels prickly, pokey things down by his feet, he’ll move faster than he’s ever moved before! When he sees you laughing, he’ll figure out that you’re up to something!


If you’re camping with an RV, this is a great prank! Before bedtime, sneak into the RV and short sheet the beds (but not yours!). To do this, bring the bottom half of the sheet up so that it folds half way up the bed. Then tuck it under the mattress and make it all neat and tidy. When your unsuspecting victim crawls into bed after a long day of hiking in the fresh air and can't stretch their legs out past the middle of the bed, they’ll realize they’ve been pranked.


There’s nothing quite like waking up in the great outdoors to the sound of birds chirping and the sun rising and filling your RV with sunshine. But how strange would it be hear the birds chirping when it’s totally dark outside? Or is it? This prank keeps everyone in total darkness in the RV even though the sun has risen outside. This prank is best played on very sound sleepers, as you’ll have to tip toe outside the RV after everyone has fallen asleep to pull this one off. Using black butcher paper and tape, cover each window on the outside so no light can shine through. In the morning, everyone will be so confused when they wake up to the sounds of morning but it’s still dark outside.

The great outdoors is the perfect place to play funny pranks on your friends and family! Pack up and hit the road this spring with a new or used RV from TerryTown RV in Grand Rapids, MI. From smaller travel trailers to large fifth wheels, we have what you’re looking for. If your camping family has grown, trade in your older RV for a newer model. Our special no-money-down financing makes it easy to live the RVing dream, so don’t delay! Come see us in West Michigan today or visit us online to take virtual tours of all of our RVs!

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