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Don't get bored! We've come up with some pretty epic things for you to do and try out! We got you!

easter egg hunt
The Ultimate Campsite Easter Egg Hunt: Where to Hide the Loot

If you're heading into the great outdoors this Easter, send your little campers on the ultimate campsite easter egg hunt with these fun ideas! Hop to it!

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funny masks
April Fool's! Gut-Busting Pranks Perfect for the Campground

Check out these gut-busting pranks that are perfect for the campground and will have everyone saying, “Oh, shucks!” when they realize they’ve been pranked!

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snowshoeing or cross country skiing
Which Would You Like More? Snowshoeing vs. Cross-Country Skiing

Try something new this winter! Here's everything you need to know about winter favorites—snowshoeing vs. cross-country skiing! Which one will you choose?

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A family enjoying a Thanksgiving meal.
How to Host a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast

Take the turkey out of Turkey Day! Check out this guide on how to host a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast that ranges from meat-free to perfectly traditional!

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Pizza inside an oven.
Fun Kitchen Craft For The Kids! Make Your Own Camp Oven!

Keep little campers engaged in the fun by constructing one of these awesome DIY camp ovens that will help you to easily cook up family favorite recipes!

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spooky ghost science experiment
Spooky Science! Learn How To Make A Spooky Ghost That Grows!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do some spooky science with your little trick-or-treaters! Learn how to make a spooky ghost that grows here!

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young boy picking up fall leaves to use for leaf printing
Fall Leaf Rubbings! Leave Your RV Decorated With Fall Colors!

Bring some of those festive autumn hues into your RV this season by making these fun fall leaf rubbings that will leave your RV decorated with fall colors!

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heart shaped bird seed feeder
DIY Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Attract birds of all varieties with these easy, inexpensive DIY cookie cutter bird feeders that can be made in just a few minutes and hung the next day!

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scary campfire stories
Fright Night: Scary Campfire Stories

Turn a peaceful evening around the fire pit into a terrifying fright night with these scary campfire stories! Warning: not for those who frighten easily!

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kids playing with hula hoops
Make Your Own Hula Hoop

Whether you’re hula-hooping for fun or for fitness, make your own hula-hoop and discover an enjoyable way to get everyone active on the road!

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Wood shavings from Whittling
Whittling Techniques and Tips

Whether you’re an avid carver or just curious about wood working, here are some whittling techniques and tips to keep in mind.

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Kid peeping through wooden fence
Sardines Game

The Sardines Game is a lot like Hide and Seek, only there's only one hider and a group of seekers. Play this outdoor game for a fun group activity!

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large penny overlay of hiker by river
Penny Flip Hike

If you find yourself on a trail system that has a lot of different directions you can go, we have a great game for you. Try this Penny Flip Hiking Game!

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geometric pattern overlaying image of man sandboarding on dunes

Here in Michigan we’re surrounded by amazing sand dunes that seem to rise up out of the Great Lakes. Give sandboarding a try on these beautiful dunes!

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marshmallow shooters with radial effect
Make A Homemade Tiny Marshmallow Shooter

Send tiny marshmallows flying around your house or yard with these instructions on how to make a homemade tiny marshmallow shooter!

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stick figures holding question mark
Fun Riddles

Gather the family around and have a blast trying to figure out our fun riddles! Let the brain scratching begin!

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girl geocaching in the woods

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.

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