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Coffee Lovers Hack: Best Ways To Make Campfire Coffee

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For coffee-drinking campers, a morning in the great outdoors isn’t complete without a hot cup of joe in hand. But how do you brew your favorite java flavor without your trusty plug-in coffee pot or handy-dandy Keurig? With these coffee lover hacks of course! Read on to learn about the best ways to make campfire coffee and enjoy your morning wake-me-up beverage no matter how far out in nature you are!

The Old-Fashioned Way

If you’re living the primitive outdoor lifestyle, why not brew your coffee using some of the most basic, primitive methods? For this simple campfire coffee hack, all you really need is a simple pot, clean water, and your choice of coffee grounds. Start by filling your pot with water, then pour in your grounds and let it heat over the fire. Once hot, remove your pot from the flames and let it cool. As it’s cooling, the coffee grounds will settle at the bottom so you can pour out a fine cup of coffee to enjoy on a beautiful morning surrounded by Mother Nature’s best! For a less gritty texture, try adding in some cold water after removing from heat to help the grounds settle.

The Percolator Process

Using a percolator to produce your campfire coffee is a step above the old-fashioned way, and it will give you a better, smoother brew. To make, simply remove the lid from your percolator and take out the basket. Fill the basket with coffee grounds and pour water into the percolator before placing the basket back inside and replacing the lid. From there, put your percolator on a hot bed of coals or suspend it over the fire to bring its contents to a simmer. The longer you let your coffee simmer, the stronger it will be. Once you remove the percolator from the heat, pour yourself a cup and indulge in its deliciousness.

The French-Press Approach

Among coffee enthusiasts, the French press is renowned for its ability to produce a sensational cup of coffee, which makes it perfect for outdoor lovers who don’t want to sacrifice quality. While most French presses feature a glass cylinder carafe, we recommend getting a BPA-free plastic one or a metal one as it will be more conducive to the rugged, outdoor lifestyle. To make, start by adding in coarse coffee grounds to the bottom of your carafe. Heat water over your campfire and, once hot, pour it into the carafe. Let it sit for a few minutes before stirring up the grounds that collect at the water’s surface. Wait a few minutes after that and then add the lid and slowly push the plunger down to separate the grounds from the coffee. Pour the contents into your coffee mug and spend your morning sipping the finest campfire brew possible!

The Filter Technique

For a quick and easy coffee-making technique, this pour-over method works wonderfully when camping in the great outdoors. You’ll need a plastic drip cone and a disposable filter, which are both lightweight and can be transported with ease. To get started simply put your paper filter into your cone and add in some ground coffee. As you’re doing so, get some water boiling over the campfire. Once your water is hot, position your cone over a cup or mug and carefully pour your water over the top. The water will circulate through the coffee grounds before dripping into the cup and leaving you with a fresh, piping-hot cup of coffee!

Which method do you use to make your coffee when headed into the great outdoors with your new or used RV? Let us know which option you prefer by leaving a comment!

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