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DIY Mods: Adding a Bumper Storage Box To Your RV

Need more cargo space? For those who like to stock up or overpack for RVing excursions, having enough space for all the essentials can be a tricky situation! Some RVs just don’t come with enough storage space to begin with, leaving campers struggling to bring along everything they need. Stop playing camping Tetris and try out this DIY mod. Adding a bumper storage box to your RV gives you tons more storage space so you’ll never have to leave the important stuff for your camping adventures at home. If you’d like an example of the RVs this mod would work on, check out these travel trailers for sale in West Michigan.

Things To Consider

A very important thing to consider is if making a bumper mod like this will void your warranty! Although some warranty stipulations may vary, many warranties will be voided if modifications are made without prior authorization, or simply just aren’t permitted. If you’re unsure of your warranty, call or email us here at TerryTown RV for more information. It is also super imperative to keep your RV’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) in mind when packing up this storage box. It’d be easy to pack an additional 500 pounds or more worth of cargo on your back bumper, but think about what it will do to the overall weight distribution of your trailer! If you overload your back bumper, you can totally throw off your tongue weight, and simply put too much overall weight on your RV, which could damage both the rig and your tow vehicle.

DIY Bumper Storage Box

The beauty of this mod is that you can customize it just the way you’d like so you can maximize your RV’s storage potential! You can place one large box on this platform for plentiful storage, or mount two different boxes if you need to maneuver around a back spare tire. If you need to tow other things along with your storage box, like a generator for example, you can place the box toward one side of the platform to create space. That’s what mods are all about: RVing your way!

What You’ll Need:

Gather together the following items: Heavy duty storage box, angle irons, metal framework, welding equipment, spray paint or other painting method, plastic wrap or other protective material, and self-tapping metal screws.


Now you’re ready to hit the road with all the supplies and essentials you’ll need! You’ll never have to leave important items behind when you add a bumper storage box to your RV. We have plenty of amazing fifth wheels for sale near Grand Rapids that would be perfect for this mod! Are you willing to give this RV mod a try? Have questions? Leave us a comment below!

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