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RVing: Bringing Camping & Road Tripping Together

As winter melts away, road trip season gets closer and closer! Is the travel bug biting you yet? Start planning a trip ASAP. If you’re looking for the ultimate road trip experience, bring your RV along for the ride. RVing brings camping and road tripping together for unforgettable travel memories, so pack up and hit the road. You probably won’t need any convincing, but if you’re unsure about taking on a long distance RV trip, let us change your mind!

Why Road Trip With an RV?

The better question is, why not road trip with an RV? Everything from homelike comforts to the company of the ones you love most will always be along for the ride. You can travel at your own pace and plan to head to the destinations you’ve had on your bucket list for a while, but you’ll also have the freedom of spontaneity to strike out off your planned path and live life on a whim.Since an RV road trip lets you choose your own adventure, the possibilities are endless! Make the most out of your time and try some new foods or activities, meet new people, experience new ways of life, and see the beautiful sights you’ve been dreaming of, like Banff National Park! So what are you waiting for? Get together a kickin’ road trip playlist, pack up, and hit the road!

Always Feel at Home

The comforts and conveniences of home will always be right there with you when you go road tripping with a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome RV from your favorite Grand Rapids RV dealer, TerryTown RV! Whether you hitch up and keep it close to home, or travel all the way across the country, everything you need will be in tow. Most of you have probably had the unfortunate situation of finding yourself in a questionable hotel room. With an RV, you’ll never have to wonder about who has stayed in a room before you, what they’ve done in there, and if the room has been properly cleaned afterward. You have control over your RV space, so you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a clean and safe space to rest your head every night!

Travel With Your Favorite Humans

Another advantage that RVing has is its ability to bring you closer to the ones you love most. Sure, road trips aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, but you’ll cherish that time spent with the most important people in your life!

Let the Kids Live a Little

RV road tripping with the kids is a fantastic way to show them the beauty that this earth has to offer! Get kids outside of their comfort zone and let them experience new sights, sounds, cultures, and foods. Every trip is a learning adventure, whether they know it or not. And what’s more, road tripping with your RV helps to maintain a sense of normalcy for kids since they’ll be falling asleep in a familiar space each night. This will make them more comfortable and put them at ease. Above all else, RV road trips simply allow your family to spend some unplugged time together to strengthen bonds and make unforgettable memories!

Romantic Trip For Two

Whether you’re looking to get some time away from the kids or are just in the mood for an adventure, road tripping with your significant other can be an awesome couple’s activity. It’s like an extended date where you can do anything you’d like, from hiking and horseback riding to shopping or gold mining, the sky is the limit! All that time together is a great opportunity to work on the dynamic of your relationship, whether you share stories and tell jokes, jam out to music, or discover new shared interests. You’ll return home with a stronger respect for each other and will have plenty of fun stories to tell your friends at parties!

RV Road Trip With Friends

Whether it's a spring break getaway, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just an adventurous getaway with friends, RV road tripping with friends can be one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. Sure, traveling with your family or significant other is fun, but there’s nothing quite like spending quality time and partying it up with your best friends. Plus, it’s even cheaper than traveling with your family since everyone can split the costs!

Save Money

When you get down to it, traveling with your RV is a considerably cheaper way to go than any other type of vacation. Between hotels, driving or flying, and food costs, other travel options can break the bank. Campground fees are only a fraction of most hotel prices, and you’ll be able to bring along your own food to save on the costs of eating out. Despite RV maintenance fees, gas for your tow vehicle or motorhome, insurance premiums, and other costs, an RV road trip is almost always the less expensive way to travel!

Make Lifelong Memories

When you get down to it, no matter where you go or who you travel with, an RV road trip gives you the chance to make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime! Sometimes it’s the tiniest details that will stand out to you or your loved ones, like a funny joke or a mishap that you can laugh about later. Maybe it’s the view from a canyon overlook, the peaceful waters of a lake or ocean spread out before you, or a species of animal that you’ve never seen in person frolicking in a lake. With an RV road trip, the destination is up to you, so get out there and experience everything you’ve dreamed of with the ones that mean the most to you!

Ready to hit the road? Go RVing and bring camping and road tripping together! If you’re looking to trade in your existing RV or are looking to buy for the first time, we have the best inventory of the nation’s top brands of RVs for sale in Michigan for your road trip adventures, no matter who you take along! What makes for the best road trip in your opinion? Comment to share your RV road trip essentials, favorite memories, must-see destinations, or other suggestions!

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