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The Ultimate Campsite Easter Egg Hunt: Where to Hide the Loot

If you’re heading out into the great outdoors for a fun Easter getaway, we have some great ideas for campsite Easter egg hunts! The wide-open landscape of nature is the perfect place for a scavenger hunt! Just think of all the places to hide eggs: wedged under rocks, up against trees, in trees or bushes, hidden near your RV/tent, under your picnic table, etc. There are tons of places to hide the loot, and your little Easter egg hunters will love scurrying around the campsite trying to fill their baskets with eggs.

For these first two Easter egg hunt ideas, your little campers start with a clue that leads them to their first egg. Every egg contains another clue that sends them in a different direction. These are easy to modify depending on if you’re camping with an RV or a tent, so go ahead and personalize these to fit your needs. Hand them their first clue, or tell them where to look for the first egg, and then they’re off on their Easter egg hunt! What you have for your little egg scavengers at the final clue is up to you, but some ideas are a full Easter basket, an Easter toy, a pair of Easter pjs, some Easter candy, etc.

  1. Hop to it little bunnies, the fun has begun! Find your next clue where showering is done!

  2. You’re hot on the trail to find some colorful eggs. The next clue is under something with legs!

  3. Hippity hoppity try to bounce higher! Hop outside and look by the campfire.

  4. For the next clue, you won’t need a map. Just hop on over to where you lay down for a nap.

  5. This last clue is easy. This last one is big! You’ll find your Easter surprise by the largest twig!

Look for a large branch or twig that you can use for this last clue, then set it somewhere at your campsite where it isn’t totally obvious, as you don’t want them to see it and the surprise that’s hidden with it while they’re working on the other clues. If your campsite is surrounded nicely by woods, lay the twig along the border half in and half out, and then hide the Easter surprise in the woods next to it so it doesn’t stand out too much.


  1. Start with 10 pushups, not a single one more. To find the next clue, check by the front door!

  2. Run in place for 2 minutes, then a smidge. When you’re done, go check by the fridge!

  3. Do 10 toe touches, this shouldn’t be a stumper. After 10 on each side, go check by the RV’s bumper!

  4. Raise each leg one at a time touching your nose to your knee. After doing this 10 times, go look by the nearest tree.

  5. Twirl in circles because you’re almost done! Then go to where we have game night fun!

  6. Jog around the RV three times and keep a clear head, get ready to find an Easter surprise on your bed!

When the kids follow the last clue to their bunk or bed inside your RV, have something special waiting for them. Maybe this is where their filled Easters baskets are, or they find a note saying that you’re going to spend the day doing something special for Easter, like going to a local amusement park or doing Easter crafts at your campsite.


Take your Easter egg hunt to the dark side by doing it at night! How fun is this idea? Simply fill plastic eggs with either small glow sticks or several glow bracelets/necklaces that are bound together with a rubber band and have been cracked so they’re glowing brightly. Once it’s dark enough outside, hide them all around your campsite while your little Easter egg hunters wait patiently inside your RV or tent. When they’re all hidden, let the hunters loose out into your glow-in-the-dark Easter egg campsite. They’ll have a blast running all over and snatching up glowing eggs! You can also fill the eggs with little chocolates and candies as well (since that’s what kids really want anyway, right?).

Just like with almost every other holiday, Easter has become all about the candy and sweets! From egg-shaped peanut butter cups and pastel M&Ms to carrot chocolates and bunny-shaped Jello molds, this holiday has a serious sweet tooth. Instead of trying to fight the candy craze, you might as well embrace it! Before heading out on your camping adventure, stock up on one of Easter’s most recognizable treats—the Peeps—for some Easter-inspired s’mores! Buy a variety of colors and make delicious pastel s’mores by replacing the plain ol’ s’more marshmallows with bunny or chick Peeps. These colorful Easter s’mores will definitely bring some Easter cheer to your camping adventure!

Let us know if you try one of these Easter egg hunt ideas on your next spring camping trip! We’d love to see a pic of your little campers’ filled baskets or your campsite aglow at night with Easter eggs! And if you have any RV needs this year, hop on down to TerryTown in Grand Rapids, MI, where we have RVs for every bunny!

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