2015 Sunseeker 2800QS Review(s)

2015 Sunseeker 2800QS Review
2015 Sunseeker 2800QS
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Rodd - I wanted to reach out to you briefly and let you know how much I appreciate the service my salesman has provided my families company before, during and after the sale. We just broke $500k in sales with TerryTown over the last 6 months and hope to continue our customer driven growth for the balance of the year and beyond. Evan is available whenever I need him, for whatever I need him for. I have key people on my team just as I am sure you do. I consider my business with TerryTown to be due to Evan and consider him my best industry contact as I know he gives it his all, every time! Keep it FUN, Unlimited Fun! Stacy Fun Founder www.GoUFR.com
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