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Got Teens? Benefits of RVing to Campus Visits

As your kids reach the teen years, choosing a college becomes more and more important. One of the fun parts of choosing the right school is getting to go on campus visits where they can get a feel for the dorms, the school, and the atmosphere. What’s not so fun is finding accommodations during these visits as kids from all over are also touring. If you’ve got teens, there’s a host of benefits of RVing to campus visits.

Campsites Are Easier To Find

During the time of college tours, finding a hotel room can be pretty brutal. If you want to stay anywhere near the college you’re checking out you have to make sure to book your room very far in advance. That may be all well and good if your child has been dead set on that particular college for a while, but sometimes they change their mind. Sometimes they’ll hear about a place just before the tours and want to check it out. When you’re that close, you’ll most likely find that the hotels near that college are booked solid.  

Campsites Are Cheaper

The average cost of a decent hotel room in the U.S. is nearly $125/night. If you plan to see lots of colleges, or stay more than one day, that’s a pretty hefty bill for just a place to sleep and shower. Depending on what type of campsite you book, you can stay at a primitive site for as low as $5/night, some being free. That’s a huge savings! Not to mention that you can cook your own meals at a campsite, saving you a ton per meal as opposed to ordering room service or heading to a restaurant.

Your RV Is More Comfortable

Staying at a hotel can be fun. They usually have things like a restaurant and a pool that can be a blast. That is, if you like crowds. Keep in mind that you’ll be there at the same time as a lot of other people touring these campuses, so when you head down to the pool, you may find it jam packed with people and the availability of even getting a seat next to the pool is pretty slim. You’ll also find that the restaurants will likely require a reservation or a very long wait to get a table. When you stay in the home-like comfort of your own RV, you won’t have to deal with the crowds if you don’t want to. You can make your own meals, relax outside your RV in your own little space, and sleep without hearing thumping around from the people on the floor above you. Not to mention that if you have ever watched one of those hidden camera shows, you’ll find that hotel rooms aren’t always the cleanest. Your RV is always as clean as you make it, no hidden germs or surprises.

Recreation Time With Family

When you stay at a campsite there are generally more recreational opportunities for your family to spend quality time together than with staying in a hotel. Usually campsites will have trails to wander, lakes or rivers nearby to hit with a boat, and many have clubhouses where you can get together and just play a board game. Campgrounds are usually located near parks and other outdoor recreational opportunities as well so you can generally find something great to do just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Leave the Baggage Home

  When you’re rolling in an RV you have your own closet, drawers, and bathroom with you. You can take your clothes, toiletries, and personal items right from the house and put them in your RV before you leave. No suitcases or bags to pack up that can end up getting lost. Some people even have a whole separate wardrobe they keep right in the RV along with additional toiletries so there’s no prep work required at all to get moving.

The Great Getaway

When you have an RV and you don’t like your surroundings it’s much easier to just up and leave. Due to the lower prices of campgrounds, it’s also more economical to bail on a campsite you’ve paid for that you don’t like than a hotel that has run you over $100. If you get to the college and absolutely hate it, or maybe you hate the entire town, you can just get out as soon as you want, and go to another campground in a different area and escape. Use that time to relax rather than being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

Staying On Campus Opens Up Tons Of Possibilities

Check with the college ahead of time, but you may be able to camp right there in the parking lot. This will give you a chance to see what nightlife on the campus is really like. It’s especially great for parents. The first thing on our minds when the kids begin to look at colleges is safety. Being right there overnight lets you see the general activities that go on at night. You can take a walk around campus, see how lit up it is, are there shady characters around, and any other possible dangers that you may find. This may or may not sway your decision on whether your young one will attend, but having a good idea of areas they may want to avoid at night while alone is always a plus. Staying at the campus also gives your child an out if they’re planning on staying at the dorm for their visit. If they wake up in the night uncomfortable, you’re just an arm's reach away to either lend reassuring comfort to make it through the night, or a more comfortable place to stay if they want out.

Turns Visits Into a Family Vacation

Whether you’re seeing one or five colleges, when you head out on that trip with your RV you can turn the whole thing into a family vacation. Plan your routes to hit all the things you want to see, stay at those great campgrounds you’ve heard of in between visits, and just relax rather than rush from one place to another and deal with the college towns they’re most likely located within. RVing to college visits makes it a much more enjoyable trip all the way around. It saves cash, reduces stress, and offers up more activities along the way. So start planning where you’ll park your RV when you take your kid to check them out.

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